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Why Is It Important To Hire The Right Roof Contractor?

Few people think much about their roofs except when they are experiencing a leak. Many people do not bother to check the roof if it is in perfect condition. You should hire a contractor who specializes in roof repair if you are looking for someone to do the job. Many people are surprised to find that they hire any contractor for roof repair, regardless of whether or not he has a license. There are a few things that you can do in order to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes. It will be clear in this article:

1. Any roofer who is doing his job right will have no problem providing the license number and information about insurance to anyone that calls. If you’re calling the contractor for an appointment and it is your first call, be sure to check his license.

2. Ask if the account is active and what type of insurance he has. Ascertain whether or not the account is still active, and inquire about what type of insurance they have. Good roofing contractors will possess both liability and worker’s compensation coverage.

3. A written agreement should be obtained before any work is started. To avoid future disputes, it is best to get everything in writing. The contractor should be willing to give you a warranty on his work. When installing a brand new roof, ask if he’ll stand by the manufacturer warranty. By putting everything in writing, you can ensure your own interests.

4. Roof contractors must also provide you with a written agreement. Accept no verbal agreements. The amount to pay and the total work to be performed should all be stated. It is possible to ask for advance payments. An amount of 20% in advance would be acceptable. The company that you choose may already be well-established and therefore, an advance payment is not necessary.

5. You should pay for scraps of roofing material and debris that are left behind after your project.